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Bruntons Propellers has been one of the world’s leading propeller designers and manufacturers for over a hundred years. Today their range of propulsion products and associated sterngear provide excellent performance for virtually all sailing craft and small to medium size commercial and naval vessels.

For leisure craft they are the only company in the world that has a range of propeller types ensuring that no client who approaches them will be sold a ‘second best’ solution. The range consists of the Autoprop feathering propeller, the Varifold folding propeller and a CPP system, as well as high performance fixed pitch propellers.

Propulsion systems for commercial and naval craft plus superyachts benefit from many years of experience, and manufacturing processes that exceed the most exacting international standards and classification society requirements. The resulting sterngear packages are second to none for performance and efficiency, all being provided with the lowest possible noise and vibration.

Bruntons sterngear packages can now include the SigmaDrive; the 21st century solution to noise and vibration. Apart from new craft SigmaDrive units are easily fitted to existing vessels, usually with the boat still in the water.

Bruntons design and manufacture propellers up to 3 metres in diameter. To visit their website please click here.

For larger propellers see Stone Marine Propulsion's page, which can be visited from here.

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