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Stone Marine Propulsion

Stone Marine Propulsion is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of ships propellers. A pioneer of screw propulsion, the company can trace its history back to the earliest days of propeller manufacturing in the 19th century. Since its founding many of the world’s most famous merchant and naval ships have relied on Stone Marine Propulsion’s technology.

The company has a high level of expertise, not just in the designing and manufacturing of propellers, but also in propeller metallurgy and manufacturing technology. As with all Stone companies, Stone Marine Propulsion believes in keeping at the forefront of the latest design technology and manufacturing processes. Its latest and most advanced design, the NPT propeller, was recently launched and is now being proved in service by some of the world’s leading ship owners. Designed to reduce fuel consumption and emissions by significant amounts this remarkable propeller has several other benefits that only its unique design can provide, not the least of which is it can usually be designed and supplied for the same price, or even less, than a conventional propeller.

The company combines the practical knowledge and theoretical understanding of Naval Architects and Engineers which has been accumulated over many years to provide propulsion solutions for the most difficult and testing of applications.

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